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Video shows crazy and inventive ways to open a beer

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Cracking open a cold one is about as American as apple pie. But you know what’s even more American? Opening your beer with a freaking stars and stripes-painted helicopter. Now that’s one heck of a way to wind down after a long day.

A video compilation posted this month on YouTube shows all the comical and downright crazy ways that thirsty drinkers have opened their beers.

In the 2 minute and 42 second video, beers are opened with spinning motorcycle wheels, shotgun barrels, parrots, chainsaws, fireworks and let’s not forget – helicopters.

The whole myriad of beer-opening tactics is set to the tune of an Irish drinking song. The song ambles through stories about stupid drunken endeavors. The refrain is simply “drink with me,” repeated about a dozen times.

So next time you want to kick back with a cold one, take a minute to be inspired. Maybe you will make this list, although we don’t recommend trying any of these ideas at home.

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