Motorcycle helmet gets built-in heads-up display

Published July 22, 2013


Would-be RoboCops will love this.

Reevu, inventors of the world’s first motorcycle helmet with a built-in rear view mirror, has now enhanced that system with a heads up display.

Overlaid onto a mirror just above the wearer’s line of site, the display is being developed to provide various types of information for racers and road riders, including GPS and performance data, engine diagnostics and communications.

Reevu is working on a motorsports version first, and the British company tells that it will be about 18-24 months before an accredited product is available, but expects prices to start at about $1,000.

In the meantime, you could pick up one of Reevu’s standard flip-front helmets for $479.95 and try jamming a Google Glass in there, but good luck getting your hands on one of those.

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