Lady Gaga goes googoo for the Audi R8

Published April 12, 2012


She raked in over $60 million at the box office last year alone, and can literally afford any car on the planet, so what does Lady Gaga drive? spotted the superstar singer cruising around Beverly Hills last week behind the wheel of a Daytona Grey Audi R8, a surprisingly low-key ride for the typically outlandish fashionista, but no less worthy of musical royalty.

Far from an entry-level model, the two-seat coupe has a $162,000 price tag and a 525 hp V10 engine based on the one in the much flashier Lamborghini Gallardo. Top speed for the all-wheel-drive supercar is 196 mph.

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To her credit, in the photos Gaga appears to be keeping much closer to the speed limit, with eyes straight ahead, hands on the wheel and not a mobile device in sight.

Still, can’t help but wonder what’s on the radio.

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