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Whether the heart attack is noticed by a security officer near a slot machine or by a surveillance camera, the odds are high you'll get some immediate help.

Sun, 2013-06-16 00:00

It's true that you can do just about anything in Las Vegas -- for a price.

Fri, 2013-05-10 00:00

Nevada's highways could be on the fast track, now that a state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would raise the Silver State’s maximum speed limit to 85 mph.

Tue, 2013-04-02 12:36

Pete Griffin

I was born and raised in Richmond, Calif., which is just a short trip across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco and not too far from Oakland, Calif. I'm the youngest of four children and come from a pretty close-knit family. Personal hardships, such as my mother passing away when I was a few weeks old and my father passing away when I was 18, really made me appreciate the little things in life and to always stay positive no matter the situation. Hopefully, I can motivate those who are in similar situations to never give up on your dreams despite the obstacles that lie ahead.
As for my education, I received a Master's degree in broadcast journalism in 2010 from the University of Southern California. The experience at USC really provided me with the tools to work as a “one-man-band reporter.” From three-hour Friday morning classes to long editing nights in the USC Annenberg Digital Lab (I’m sure USC Annenberg Alumni know exactly what I’m talking about), the work paid off and I’m very thankful for the experience. 
When it comes to stories, I've always had a passion for entertainment and lifestyle topics. I had a chance to cover these types of stories as a reporter for AOL Patch in Beverly Hills after finishing up at USC, where I interviewed celebrities, such as Lauren Conrad and Mario Lopez, and also produced lifestyle profiles on locals, including a cool story on a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who specializes in stem-cell face lifts. The chance to cover these types of topics from a national perspective with Fox News is something I’m definitely looking forward to.
My Experience As A Fox News Ailes Junior Reporter:
Being a Fox News Ailes Junior Reporter is absolutely surreal. It's hard to believe my first on-air reporting job is with a national cable channel, the top-rated one at that. It's a lot of work, but it's easy to put forth my best effort because there's a team back in New York, led by “Captain” Mike Sorrentino, who has guided me in the right direction since the beginning of this reporting “boot camp.” 
Reporting in Vegas has been great so far and I've had the chance to interview celebrities like Kim Kardashian, comedian Jack Black, former Playboy playmate Holly Madison, Verne "Mini-Me"Troyer, and comedian Olivia Munn. While I enjoy the entertainment stories, I’ve equally enjoyed the “hard news” stories as well. Topics such as homeowner disputes with local Homeowner Association boards, local citizens worrying about contaminated water reaching their county, mansion foreclosures, controversy over a Las Vegas “mob” exhibit, and a basketball court inside of a barbershop, have provided depth to my reporting as a whole. There’s nothing like the thrill of meeting people and hearing their side of the story. Every aspect of the process, from the pitch to the final edit, is something I truly enjoy.
Simply put, I'm thankful to the Fox News team for giving a regular guy like me from Richmond, California the chance to inform people about the news. I hope you enjoy my reports and if there’s ever something going on in Vegas, I’ll be right there to cover it.