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Think beer in aluminum cans and you think college parties serving watered-down, light beer, right? Not anymore.

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Patrick Manning reports on Deadly tornados in Oklahoma for Fox News Channel

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Patrick Manning on Live

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Patrick Manning

I am thrilled to be a part of Fox News, covering the happenings in the El Paso, Texas area!
I grew up outside of Portland, Ore. in the suburb Lake Oswego. I am the third of four children and I have fond memories of my childhood; such as building forts in our backyard, swimming in the neighborhood pool, and taking trips to our house on the Oregon Coast.  I have a huge extended Irish Catholic family, and we greatly value holidays and traditions.
I’ve always had a passion for news, even when I was a little kid - I loved summers because I could stay up late and watch “The 10 O’clock News” on Portland’s Fox affiliate, KPTV. Several years later, I landed my first internship there and learned the business quickly.  
I graduated from Jesuit High School in Portland and went on to become a Fighting Saint at Carroll College in Helena, Mont. Sure, the weather was cold, but it didn’t bother me – the school community was fun and I loved my majors in Communication Studies and Public Relations. I was the first student in school history to graduate with a minor in the new television production program. Away from Montana, I was fortunate enough to spend time studying abroad in Peru and the Czech Republic. My senior year, I held the role of student body president. 
After graduating college in 2009, I took a year off before becoming a news reporter and joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, where I worked in an education afterschool program for at-risk youth in Washington, D.C. called "For Love of Children."
My first stint at Fox News was as an intern for “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” I produced video segments, booked high-profile guests, conducted lots of research, and worked with the channel’s recruiters to help launch the Fox News Channel University internship network. Sure, there was the occasional lunch run or ice cream cake pick up, but some of the senior producers in the newsroom do those things, too!
I left the internship excited to become a journalist and made it a goal to get back here during my career. 
My first full-time reporting job was as a multimedia journalist at WAOW-TV in chilly Wausau, Wisc. I met a lot of great people up there, told many different stories, and helped cover the mid-term election beat (and freezing weather). Some of the interviews I conducted were with newly elected Governor Scott Walker, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, and U.S. Rep. Ron Johnson. On the campaign trail, I also interviewed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who were in town endorsing candidates. While I miss many of the people I met in Wisconsin, I don’t miss the weather. The day I packed up my car to move to the Sun City – El Paso – it was four degrees! 
I am very happy to be living in El Paso because of the nice people and culture, and the variety of news. I can’t wait to see how much more I grow as a reporter here, and look forward to being apart of the Fox News family for many years ahead!