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Garrett reporting on 'Justice with Judge Jeanine'

Sat, 2013-02-02 00:00

At first, the Sterlings didn't believe the email that reached their Missouri home: Five Peruvian siblings were orphans and needed a mommy and daddy.

Thu, 2013-01-24 16:58

Garrett Tenney on winter cruise deals during "wave season"

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Garrett Tenney

One of the first questions people usually ask when you meet is “Where are you from?”  What’s supposed to be a softball question for the majority of people, has always proven to be a challenge for me to explain.  You see, I lived in seven states and moved more than 10 times by the time I graduated high school.  In fact, even then, during my graduation ceremony my family’s home in Berwyn, PA was entirely boxed up for another move.

While challenging at the time, moving around so much while growing up has proven to be an incredible blessing in so many ways.

My parents and siblings are my closest and best of friends.  I developed a passion for seeing new places, learning new things, meeting all different types of people, and appreciating those experiences along the way.

I got my passion’s worth of all of that after my freshman year at Brigham Young University, when I went to Kenya as a volunteer missionary for two straight years.  From learning to speak Swahili, as well as bits and pieces of 14 other languages, including a little bit of clicking in Zulu; to giraffes shooting their long tongues out and licking my face; building homes and schools from mud and clay; running from hyenas; visiting tribal villages; and eating some of the craziest foods I’ve ever had—I absolutely loved it there and cannot wait to go back!

I returned to BYU, majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and produced, reported and anchored for ElevenNews, a daily half-hour newscast airing across the state on the local PBS channel.  I also had the opportunity to participate in internships at the NBC affiliates in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia, and Fox News Channel in New York City. My job involves so many of the things I love to do: traveling, meeting all types of people, hearing great stories, learning new things, and helping others.  But when I’m not working I love being outdoors, exploring, playing sports (football, basketball, kickball, and tennis are the favorites), running, cooking, eating, and even dancing, all the way from ballroom to Latin and even hip-hop (note: "enjoying dancing" doesn’t necessarily mean "good at dancing").

Ailes Junior Reporter experience:

 My first few months in Mississippi have been filled with lots of greasy, fried, and absolutely delicious southern cooking.  Consequently, it's also been filled with many hours at the gym trying to make up for all that deliciousness.  But that doesn’t even begin to tell about my experience thus far.  It has been a blast!  There is something new and different every week, and I love it.  I’ve traveled down to New Orleans to cover the economic impact of the NCAA Basketball Tournament’s Sweet 16; visited the Gulf Coast to talk with business owners still waiting to be paid for their cleanup efforts in the oil spill; followed the paths of destruction left behind by tornadoes in towns across Mississippi and Alabama; and traveled up and down the great Mississippi River during the historic flooding of 2011.