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Now you can brew beer like a president

President Obama may unknowingly have sparked his own mini-stimulus plan when the White House decided to release the recipe for its homebrews. Some fast-thinking homebrew entrepreneurs have been scrambling to put together kits so beer lovers can create the their own presidential beer at home, and supplies have been flying off the shelf. Michael Dawson, senior production manager of Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply in St. Paul, Minn., says after the release of the recipes, his company created two kits -- White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter. He says over the past five days, they have sold over 300 brew kits. “The recipes are unique. They are not going to be exactly like any other kit you are going to buy right off the shelf,” said Dawson. While ingredients for these homebrew kits won't include honey and other ingredients grown in the White House garden, they do include top-of-the-line specialty items from Minnesota. ((CONTINUED...))