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    Democratic National Convention

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    5 things you should know before getting a colonic

    5 types of bad breath— and what they say about your health

    UK health service under fire over access to hepatitis C drugs

    Secondhand marijuana smoke may be more harmful than that from tobacco

    Election 2016

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    Judicial Watch president: Why it’s essential that Hillary testify under oath about her private email servers


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    Meet Hillary Clinton 4.0. Can this change-maker, fighter and peacemaker beat Donald Trump?

    Alan Dershowitz: The New York Times makes a shocking mistake

    Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, do you pledge to help persecuted Christians if you win?

    Hillary Clinton focuses on faith, family and the flag as she makes history


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    Scott Baio, Rose McGowan bicker over politics

    Debra Messing goes after Blake Shelton's Donald Trump remarks

    Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale now playing a stripper in 'Amateur Night'

    Tara Reid lashes out at boyfriend: 'I feel stabbed in the back'

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    Researchers find easy way to hack wireless keyboards

    After rape threat against her 5-year-old, columnist quits social media

    Google search connects Trump's book to Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

    Trump vs. Clinton battle goes digital

    Food & Drink

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    Scientists use solar-powered machine to turn urine into beer

    Woman alleges she was 'sexually assaulted' by Wee Wee toy in hibachi restaurant

    Taco Bell is reportedly stuffing Cheetos into its next burrito

    Australian restaurant unveils burger with shot of bourbon in the center

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    1 San Diego cop killed, another wounded in shooting

    Mother who took children to perform for Oregon militia loses custody of kids

    Police rally as mayor says Black Lives Matter banner stays

    Mystery winner? $536M Mega Millions jackpot claimed


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    White House

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    Documents indicate IRS officials knew of Tea Party targeting since 2011


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    Obama announces more U.S. troops will stay in Afghanistan than previously said

    Media Buzz

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    Hillary stresses unity against Trump, says she's the woman for the job

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