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    If Clinton wins, America, kiss your right to self-defense good-bye

    Millennials are clueless about socialism (call it the 'Bernie Sanders effect')

    Goodwin: Trump finally delivers (but will it keep Hillary out of the White House?)

    The mainstream media freaks out over Trump (and ignores Hillary)


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    Desperate Pakistan family awaits US visa for 6-year-old with rare genetic disorder

    Kids should watch out for that snake in the grass

    Scientists think this disease is the next Zika

    7 things you need to know about seizures

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    Business Leaders

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    Celebrity 'Mecca': Benjamin Steak House Feeding Celebs for a Decade

    Accenture's North America CEO: This is How to Increase the Number of Women in Computing

    Trump's Business Credit Score Is 19 Out of a Possible 100

    Mark Cuban: Trump Taxes Could Create a Horrible Recession


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    Anne Hathaway admits she wasn't all that happy about Oscar win

    Lady Gaga does not want to be compared to Madonna: 'I write all my own music'

    Family of child porn accuser drops lawsuit against ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle

    Carol Burnett returning to TV in Amy Poehler-produced comedy


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    More than 1 million people are still using Samsung's potentially explosive Note 7

    How Islamic State weaponized the chat app to direct attacks on the West

    Nintendo 'Switch' gaming system arrives in March

    Regional News




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    Triumph's new Bonneville Bobber is a factory custom with hardtail looks

    US confirms 11th death due to Takata air bags

    Tesla CEO: Criticism of self-driving cars can kill people

    Ronaldo roasted by internet after posting picture with new Lamborghini

    Food & Drink

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    World wine production hits historic lows amid rough weather conditions

    Swedish brewery makes the world's most expensive potato chip

    Restaurant's 'pay what you want' promotion results in major loss

    M&Ms Caramel is already breaking the Internet

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    Giant statue in California is causing controversy

    Trump says he'll accept a clear election result, won't lose

    Toy companies seek to be more inclusive with their products

    Pretrial set in Ohio police shooting case


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    White House

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    Clinton server email at heart of 'quid pro quo' controversy contained Benghazi intel


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    Ex-NSA contractor committed 'breathtaking' theft of secrets, feds say

    Media Buzz

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    Media denounce Trump's election answer: How bad is the fallout?

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