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    Walmart workers refuse to make cop's retirement cake

    Dana Perino: Debate Prep 2016 -- Selfie sticks, bitmoji pantsuits and the millennial vote

    High school football team stages "die-in" to protest National Anthem

    Clinton vs. Trump: How to fix an already predictable debate


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    12 natural ways to improve fertility

    Why outdated information is to blame for weight gain

    Here's why you crave food after mentally taxing tasks

    6 healthy ballpark snacks

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    Air & Space

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    Solar Impulse team plans solar-powered satellite

    Digging History

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    Ancient cult site in rugged mountains revealed with drones

    Planet Earth

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    University of Delaware removes Nobel Prize reference from its website

    Wild Nature

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    Feds mull whether to remove red wolf from endangered species list


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    Justin Bieber nearly attacked in club

    A time hop through the hotbed of celebrity divorce

    Kim Kardashian endorses Hillary Clinton

    Brandi Glanville dating someone she met on Tinder

    Business Leaders

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    iHeartMedia CEO Pittman: Facebook Will be Responsive to Advertisers

    Fmr. Best Buy CEO: Clinton's Estate Tax a "Devastatingly Stupid Idea"

    Fed's Harker Says Fed Has Limited Tools to Affect Economy's Performance

    Facebook Overestimated Key Video Metric for Two Years

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    Food & Drink

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    McDonald's Japan is now serving pumpkin spiced french fries

    Americans expected to shell out over $8 billion on Halloween this year

    Report alleges Hampton Creek faked hundreds of thousands in sales and environmental impact claims

    Do you really need to refrigerate eggs?

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    Tech Q&A: Spotting malware on your phone, buying lottery tickets with an app

    Innovative ways your phone can help you get home safely

    Energy In America

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    Pipeline expected to restart after leak triggered surging gas prices in South

    Alabama pipeline shutdown could send gas prices higher

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