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    Michael Goodwin: Why Trump could win it all

    Walmart workers refuse to make cop's retirement cake

    Dana Perino: Debate Prep 2016 -- Selfie sticks, bitmoji pantsuits and the millennial vote

    High school football team stages "die-in" to protest National Anthem


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    Research finds talc doesn't cause cancer; juries disagree

    Oklahoma man urges breast cancer screening for men after personal diagnosis

    Maternal instinct leads to baby's life-saving open heart surgery

    CDC investigating multistate E. coli outbreak linked to ground beef


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    West Elm to launch boutique hotel brand

    Paris debates opening special park space for nudists

    Disney Cruise Line taps Broadway talent for 'Frozen: A Musical Spectacular'

    The National Museum of African American History and Culture opens this weekend

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    Researchers create working transporter, but only manage to teleport photons

    Is Facebook as left-leaning as everyone suspects?

    Snapchat unveils $129 sunglasses that can record video in 10-second snippets


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    Lea Michele 'definitely' comfortable being naked

    Ex-WWE star Kurt Angle admits he took 65 Vicodin a day

    Corey Feldman's panned 'Go 4 It' performance not his first

    Nirvana's 'Nevermind' baby recreates album cover 25 years later

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    Business Leaders

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    Golf Legend Greg Norman Pays Tribute to Arnold Palmer

    Schlumberger CEO: Oil Market Investment Needed to Balance Market

    iHeartMedia CEO Pittman: Facebook Will be Responsive to Advertisers

    Fmr. Best Buy CEO: Clinton's Estate Tax a "Devastatingly Stupid Idea"


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    Air & Space

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    Stephen Hawking is still afraid of aliens

    Digging History

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    Ancient cult site in rugged mountains revealed with drones

    Planet Earth

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    Solar Impulse team plans solar-powered satellite

    Wild Nature

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    Feds mull whether to remove red wolf from endangered species list

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    McDonald’s testing breakfast Happy Meals this week

    People reveal the most disgusting things they've ever found in their food

    McDonald's Japan is now serving pumpkin spiced french fries

    Americans expected to shell out over $8 billion on Halloween this year

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