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    Gregg Jarrett: Pelosi's crazy claims about Priebus' contact with the FBI don't add up

    Miller, Schoen: Why Democrats and Republicans are both wrong about Putin and Russia

    Trump's quiet economic crisis

    Gov. Bevin: Forget liberal media spin, Trump can tout lots of accomplishments on Tuesday...


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    Beyoncé cancels gig: What work is safe in pregnancy?

    Spain appoints 'minister for sex' to reverse nation's plummeting birth rate

    Ireland's only breast milk bank running short on supply

    Fitness blogger hits back after Instagram removes pic of her cellulite

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    New Orleans gears up for Fat Tuesday

    Surfers, environmentalists gather to protest ‘mega-hotel’ in Puerto Rico

    Pakistani airline investigates 'extra passengers' flown on fully booked plane

    Best Mardi Gras celebrations outside of New Orleans

    The Property Project

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    How to Save Money on Your Remodel the Smart Way

    20 White Flowers for a Brighter Garden

    A Guide to Installing a New Fence: Professionals, Costs and Materials

    What to Know About Adding a Deck


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    Oscar ratings dip again amid best picture mix-up

    Bill Cosby jury will be sequestered, judge rules

    Meek Mill reportedly tells homeless man to do pushups for $20 in video

    Matt Damon-Ben Affleck series 'Incorporated' canceled

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    Lenovo showcases new Windows 2-in-1s at MWC

    Scientific breakthrough lost? Unique metallic hydrogen sample disappears

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    Fox News Poll: Confidence in Military Remains High, in Media Low

    Fmr. NBC CEO Wright: 91% of People Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer Die Within a Couple Years

    What's On Our Radar: February 27, 2017

    Buffett Upbeat on American Business; Berkshire Operating Profit Down

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    Pizza chain will only make pies in Africa with New York City water

    Gwyneth Paltrow to open cafe in New York City

    Surfers, environmentalists gather to protest ‘mega-hotel’ in Puerto Rico

    Panda sex causes surge in Tokyo restaurant’s stock


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    Planet Earth

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    Pacific Ocean iron particles can travel thousands of miles, study finds

    Digging History

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    'Wind jewel': Archaeologists find incredible Mayan jade pendant

    Air & Space

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    Moon shot! SpaceX announces plans to send 2 'private citizens' around moon