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    Lester Holt spins debate for Hillary 6 huge ways, plays 'Gotcha' with Trump

    Cal Thomas: Why I support Trump (after initially being against him)

    It's judgment day for the EPA's clean power plan, America

    At first debate, Trump couldn’t wipe that smug grin off Hillary’s face. But he...


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    600-pound man determined to shed half his body weight

    Viral video shows preschool teacher agreeing to donate kidney to dying student

    Researchers find 'miracle cure' for baldness

    Can't hear in noisy places? It's a real medical condition


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    SeaWorld to announce big changes for 2017

    EasyJet pilot becomes world's youngest commercial airline captain

    West Elm to launch boutique hotel brand

    Paris debates opening special park space for nudists

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    US/Israel bond will endure whoever wins election, says Ehud Barak

    Tech company creates facial image to help ID UNC student's killer

    IMDb may not be able to tell you every actor's age anymore

    Is Facebook as left-leaning as everyone suspects?


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    Katy Perry strips down to appeal to voters

    Donald Trump: Miss Universe Alicia Machado was 'the absolute worst'

    Rob Kardashian tweets out sister Kylie Jenner's private cell number

    Jon Voight: Hollywood colleagues 'drinking the Kool-Aid'

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    What's On Our Radar: Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

    Clinton, Trump Clash Over Race, Experience & Economy in First Debate

    Reporter’s Notebook: The Debate Hasn’t Started but the Punches Have

    Perella Weinberg Feels Wall Street Pinch, Talks With Tudor Pickering in Final Stages


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    Air & Space

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    U-2 spy plane crash: Why 'Cold War' aircraft are still relevant today

    Digging History

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    Listen to the world's oldest-known melody

    Planet Earth

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    Solar Impulse team plans solar-powered satellite

    Wild Nature

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    Early cats traveled with Vikings and farmers

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    What's the real deal with coconut water?

    Domino's customer gets free pizza after returing box of wings with $5,000 cash

    Scientists say health benefits from alcohol may be greatly exaggerated

    McDonald’s testing breakfast Happy Meals this week

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