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    Election 2016

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    Worried about Clinton, Biden backer mulls another push for VP

    Hillary misleading about email probe during debate, former FBI agents say


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    Plaintiffs in NHL concussion case now count 105 ex-players

    Eating soy may protect against reproductive effects of BPA

    Emotional distress tied to weapon use for teens

    CDC widens Zika guidelines for pregnant women


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    What voters know about Hillary Clinton: She's a crook

    Yes, Donald Trump made mistakes in Iowa but he can still win big

    Opinion: Forget what Obama says, our economy needs an injection of growth steroids

    The multiculturalism myth: World leaders ignore Islam's refusal to assimilate

    What to Watch

    Real Estate

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    You'll Need Sea Legs: This Alameda Home Sits on the Water

    HOAs Behaving Badly -- and How Homeowners Can Fight Back

    Ranking the Homes of NFL Pros

    What a Bonanza! Lorne Greene's Ponderosa II for Sale in Arizona

    Food & Drink

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    The frat-bro picture Guy Fieri doesn't want you see

    Carnegie Museum of Art connects food and art for a feast

    'The Food Surgeon’ pulls apart everyday food in the eeriest of ways

    Dunkin' feels left out, joins value meal fray

    Regional News




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    School principal sings 'Hello' parody to tell kids about snow day

    Maddie Ziegler leaving 'Dance Moms' for Sia film

    Netflix renews 'Orange Is the New Black' for three more seasons

    Heidi Klum flashes Ellen DeGeneres, studio audience


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    Air & Space

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    Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 6th man on moon, dies in Florida

    Digging History

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    A brain injury might explain Henry VIII's bad behavior

    Planet Earth

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    Sickly sea lion pup found sleeping in California restaurant

    Wild Nature

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    Tarantula in black: Dark, hairy spider named after Johnny Cash

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    Twitter users spot 'GIF' option on mobile

    3 low-tech activities getting high-tech makeovers

    Twitter takes cyber battle to ISIS, shuts down over 125,000 terrorist accounts


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    Life in prison for man who shot wife, put photo on Facebook

    Three missing after two planes collide in mid-air, plunge into Southern California waters

    Colo. principal bans Peyton Manning jerseys, but Cam Newton gear OK

    One dead, one injured after wanted Missouri couple gets into shootout with police

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