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    Proud American

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    Retired Green Beret: Please think of Memorial Day as more than just a day off

    Memorial Day 2016: Remember the fallen. Their sacrifice is often forgotten too soon


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    First baby born with Zika-linked microcephaly in New York tri-state area

    Rare disease can make you think you're dead

    Sexual transmission of Zika more common than first thought, UN says

    Vegan climber whose wife died on Everest: 'It's my fault'

    The Future of Tech

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    Introducing GoBone: The smartest dog toy in the basket

    Injectable sponges used for first time to stop soldier's bleeding

    Tech project aims to create ‘virtual crime scenes’ for jurors


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    Crisis in Venezuela: Will Obama do the right thing and back a regional rescue?

    Cincinnati zoo tragedy: Why do some care more about a gorilla than a child?

    Do Louisiana lawmakers really think the Declaration of Independence is racist and sexist?

    Rick Perry: The truth about 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle


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    Plea deal done in Las Vegas for 'Pawn Stars' star Chumlee

    Lea Michele snapped frolicking in bikini

    Jury finds 'Shield' actor Michael Jace guilty of second-degree murder

    Kaley Cuoco calls killing of gorilla 'senseless'

    Regional News



    Election 2016

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    Documents show aggressive sales tactics at Trump University

    Getting 'nervous'? Clinton plans California campaign spree as Sanders eyes upset


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    Sex at sea? Introducing the clothing-optional 'Desire Cruise' for couples

    Chinese theme park uses Disney characters illegally during grand opening

    Cramped to death? Flier says lack of legroom almost killed him

    JetBlue apologizes for banning burlesque dancer wearing 'inappropriate' outfit

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    Caught on video: Car runs over motorcycle in apparent case of road rage

    Letter from Thomas Jefferson blasts Alexander Hamilton's love of 'every thing English'

    Police investigate parents of boy rescued from gorilla

    South Florida cops find 2 alligators eating human body in Everglades


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    Election 2016

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    Documents show aggressive sales tactics at Trump University

    White House

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    Lawyers for Clinton aide block questioning on IT specialist who set up server


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    'We need more Americans': Army boss, 3rd-generation vet tackles recruitment

    Media Buzz

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    Nominee or not, why is Trump still smacking Republicans around?

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