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    The Future of Tech

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    End of permanent tattoos? Startup develops new high-tech ink

    MIT researchers create 'Cilllia' -- a sensor-filled 3D-printed hair

    Google patents 'pedestrian glue' for cars

    Drawing inspiration from spider webs, engineers create amazing new 'liquid wire'


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    Officers find puppy high on meth, heroin; check him into rehab

    Immunotherapy may aid ovarian cancer chemotherapy resistance, study suggests

    Massachusetts-based artist imagines Disney princesses as mothers

    5 healthy gas station snacks for your summer road trip

    Election 2016

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    Pundits say Trump could lack the money to win -- what if they're wrong?

    What to Watch


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    Union flips out over church's school pizza giveaway

    Karl Rove: Why Trump is going to have a very good week, Hillary another bad one

    Why Hillary's Hollywood supporters are secretly worried about the June primary

    Hillary Clinton's desperation is showing as she tries to play the Bill and 'woman' cards

    Food & Drink

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    Restaurant owner sentenced to 6 years for switching curry recipe

    Have a glass of San Francisco fog, on the rocks

    President Obama dines in Vietnam with Anthony Bourdain

    Dylan's Candy Bar unveils 3-D candy printer

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    Air & Space

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    India performs successful space shuttle test launch

    Digging History

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    Dig at theater where Shakespeare worked uncovers a surprise

    Planet Earth

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    New Orleans is sinking faster than previously thought

    Wild Nature

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    Watch these tiger sharks feast on a whale carcass


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    Jennifer Lawrence admits she took Ambien before filming 'Hunger Games' scene

    Anne Hathaway apologizes for Kardashian dig

    Angelina Jolie lands job as professor at London School of Economics

    Brandi Glanville: 'Housewives' stars 'strategize' and 'plan with each other'

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    Wisconsin mom, 3 sons vanish 2 weeks ago, rental van returned 930 miles away

    Dying Vietnam vet asks for final meeting with beloved horses outside hospital

    Former Marine, Green Beret seeks asylum for Iraqi man who saved his life

    San Francisco analyzes sanctuary protections for illegal immigrants


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    Election 2016

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    Pundits say Trump could lack the money to win -- what if they're wrong?

    White House

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    VA secretary facing bipartisan firestorm over Disney comments


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    US military wants more power to strike Taliban in Afghanistan

    Media Buzz

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    Populist paradox: Why Donald Trump could grab some Bernie voters

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