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    Proud American

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    Outlaw singer Whitey Morgan demands country put meaning back into music


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    Tolerance vs. Pride? Spat on by parade-goers, Catholic priest has this message

    RobertsCare: How the chief justice redefined the Affordable Care Act just for the GOP

    Iran deal: Why a smart mom (or dad) could do better. Lessons in statecraft that I learned...

    Obama's Iran deal: A fiasco built on a fantasy

    Food & Drink

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    Chick-fil-A is America’s favorite fast food chain, survey says

    Don't get burned: How to spot fraudulent olive oil

    Restaurant will pay you $10,000 to name your kid quinoa

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    Fox News Salutes

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    What makes me proud to be an American: The men and women of our uniformed services

    Congressional Gold Medal belonging to president who died in office up for sale

    National Guardsman marks end of Afghanistan deployment with surprise homecoming with family

    Green Berets, SEALs, and now Raiders: Marine Corps resurrects name of legendary elite units

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    White House

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    Negotiators extend deadline for Iran nuclear talks


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    Marines weighing having members hitch rides on foreign warships

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    Charles Pasqua, hard-line former French security chief, dies at 88

    Message to French leaders (and cab drivers): Let innovation lead

    New Zealand man gets 15 years in prison on charges of smuggling methamphetamine into Indonesia

    Toshiba's 'scorpion' robot will try to look at melted fuel inside wrecked Fukushima reactor

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