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    Election 2016

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    5 reasons to skip a workout

    10 simple clean eating tips for 2016

    Innovative treatment holds promise for new approach to Alzheimer's treatment

    Ohio officials say fentanyl pills being sold as lookalikes

    Real Estate

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    4 Must-Know Facts About the Last Frank Lloyd Wright

    Ravens Quarterback Jimmy Clausen Rents Out Westlake Village Home

    To-Dos: Your February Home Checklist

    11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel

    What to Watch


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    Taylor Swift's family and friends voice their support

    Gillian Anderson refutes reports that she has had work done

    Bristol Palin says Levi Johnston is a 'great dad' as they square off over child support

    Jennifer Lawrence donates $2 million to Kentucky Children's Hospital


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    Syria: Letter from Aleppo

    Holy Cow! Pastor offers free prayers at coffee houses

    What makes someone a 'Lady' in 2016?

    Five easy ways to ruin your marriage

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    Air & Space

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    Fears grow that Philae comet lander may never wake up

    Digging History

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    World treasure: UNESCO recognizes oldest surviving copy of Hebrew Bible

    Planet Earth

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    Pot is much stronger than it was in 1995

    Wild Nature

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    Obama moves to protect 1.8 million acres of Calif. desert


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    3 annoying things about Facebook you can stop right now

    Cops arrest teen for hack and leak of DHS, FBI data

    AT&T says 5G will be 100 times faster than LTE and may even launch this year

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    Food & Drink

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    Snoop Dogg is helping Burger King sell its hot dogs

    5 wine trends for 2016

    5 surprising things you didn’t know about Edible Arrangements

    Panera keeps bungle its orders


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    Manhole cover crashes into SUV's windshield, killing driver

    Ex-students say boarding school kept them in isolation boxes

    Two teen girls dead in murder-suicide at Arizona high school

    Northeast braces for possible 'life-threatening' cold weather

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