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    Spinal manipulation relieves back pain for some, study says

    The power of meditation: How being intentional has helped me reduce stress

    Scientists turn to aspirin to turbo-charge cancer immunotherapy

    Sufficient vaccine coming to block polio outbreak, Ukraine says


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    Courtney Stodden's mom Krista regrets letting daughter marry older husband

    Justin Bieber explains why he cried after his VMAs performance

    Tom Brady and Gisele deflating? Couple hits 'rocky point' but still 'in love'

    NYU removes Bill Cosby's name from popular film workshop for high school students


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    EXCLUSIVE: Kentucky Clerk: I am prepared to go to jail

    Church in hot water over football field baptism

    Why Hillary Clinton may not be 'first' lady much longer

    The real truth about Obama and the Iran deal

    Election 2016

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    RNC presses Trump to pledge no independent 2016 run

    Trump, NBA legend Jabbar clash


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    Want to add more clothes to a laundry load? Samsung's AddWash has a door for that

    Technology may be making our brains younger

    Apple rejects 'Cecil's Revenge' game

    US special ops clinches deal for cutting-edge ATVs

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    H&R Block CEO Fires Back After Trump’s Trash Talk

    Lilly’s New Diabetes Drug Delivers “One of a Kind” Results

    More Cars, More Problems: Allstate Raising Prices to Cover Costs

    Sen. Bob Casey: Iran Deal Will Stop Nuclear Bomb Threat

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    Election 2016

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    RNC presses Trump to pledge no independent 2016 run

    White House

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    Obama wins critical backing on Iran deal, virtually ensuring survival in Congress


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    US military in South Korea on ‘enhanced status’ amid Pyongyang threats


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    French investigators formally confirm wing part is from Flight 370

    Czech Post issues commemorative stamp to honor Nicholas Winton, savior of Jewish children

    French farmers stage 1,000-strong tractor protest in Paris

    Will migrants flooding Europe embrace Western values?

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