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    Thankful Nation

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    What to be thankful for?

    Ex-Navy SEALS: Military service taught us how fortunate we are to be Americans

    Grateful for the risks my Grandpa Alex took and the gift he gave me (by jumping from a ship)


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    Hookah and e-cigarettes popular with high schoolers

    Preschoolers in daycare need more outdoor time

    Another American Ebola survivor had eye problems

    Misleading HPV vaccine websites are easy to find

    Real Estate

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    A Palm Springs desert retreat

    A former firehouse in San Francisco

    A home with a river in the middle in British Columbia

    You Won't Believe How Many Celebs Have Owned This Home

    What to Watch


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    'Gods of Egypt' studio, director apologize for mostly white cast

    Kylie Jenner opens up about relationship with Caitlyn, talks bullying

    Joey Feek can no longer get out of bed, Rory Feek shares emotional photos

    Sinead O’Connor writes on Facebook that she has 'taken an overdose,' police reportedly intervene

    Regional News



    Election 2016

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    Our Trumpified media: Bad dresser! Sneaky golfer! And he curses too!

    Christie wins key endorsement in bid to win New Hampshire primary


    Continue to Values

    Dana Perino: My Thanksgiving do's and don'ts for talking politics around the table

    Thanksgiving terror alert: Fear cancer and heart disease, not terrorism

    Aaron Watson: Thankful for my courageous veteran father

    Brain tumor shrinking for 1-year-old kissed by Pope Francis, family says

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    Food & Drink

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    Nativity scene is created entirely out of cheddar cheese

    KFC's Colonel Sanders to make first appearance in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Law makes traditional Alaska Native food more available

    McDonald's Japan has a 48-piece McNugget meal that's blowing people's minds


    Continue to US

    Burglar stuck in chimney dies after homeowner lights fire

    Chicago Burger King manager says police tampered with footage of teen's death

    Cops: Mizzou teaching assistant became violent with relative who didn't wear hijab

    Florida mom recounts grisly triple murder-suicide that she survived

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