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    Todd Starnes: Church says praying for 'Donald Trump' could trigger haters

    To preview the Trump presidency, look at the confirmation hearings for his cabinet picks

    Newt Gingrich: Trump, New York’s Wollman Rink and the Congressional Budget Office

    Four essential lessons General James Mattis taught me about leadership


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    Patient with Parkinson's goes from struggling to walk to leading dance in viral clip

    Stem cells could restore vision after eye disease

    Middle school principal shaves head in solidarity with student supporting sick grandfather

    Neglected dogs become best friends after rescue

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    Amid reports of passenger groping, Air India introduces rows just for women

    Follow Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps on this roadtrip

    Illegal adventures? 6 places our parents couldn’t go

    Violent brawl aboard Middle Eastern Airways flight prompts emergency landing


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    Tomb discovery: Headless crocodiles shock experts

    Air & Space

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    Graduate student aims at lofty goals for honoring John Glenn


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    Bruce Springsteen cover band faces heat for performing at inaugural event

    Filmmaker Joss Whedon goes after Paul Ryan with profane tweet

    Zoe Saldana said Trump won because Hollywood 'became bullies'

    Martha MacCallum premiering new primetime show 'The First 100 Days'

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    Davos Elites Struggle for Answers as Trump Era Dawns

    Takata to Plead Guilty, Pay $1 Billion U.S. Penalty Over Air Bag Defect

    What You Won't Hear From Today's CEOs, and Why

    Say 'Hello' to the Anti-Smartphone

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    Best job search websites

    Longtime industry insider shares all there is to know about Samsung's Galaxy S8

    Ultralight 'super-material' is 10 times stronger than steel


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    Quick-thinking grandfather fights off 3-year-old's would-be kidnapper

    Trump is last hope for dozens of Cuban migrants stranded at US border

    Tornadoes damage homes, flood roads in Dallas area

    Graduate student aims at lofty goals for honoring John Glenn