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    The Property Project

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    What to look for to check the quality of a contractor's work

    Give your garden structure with these top 10 shrubs

    9 outrageous fire pits you need in your backyard

    Gain More Storage and Space with Kitchen Peninsulas


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    Swedish politician wants workers to get paid sex breaks — for health

    What does the future hold? Most people don't want to know

    'I'm human': Fitness blogger promotes body confidence with viral pic of arm cellulite

    Man learns what it’s like to exercise while pregnant in hilarious video

    What to Watch


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    Bathroom Humor: For mainstream media, the transcending issue is transgender people

    Repairing our ObamaCare wounds

    Atheist forces school to drop Ten Commandments

    Michael Goodwin: Swede and sour times


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    She coined 'on fleek.' Now she wants you to pay her for it

    Apple's new 'spaceship' HQ set to open

    Beware Google Chrome scam that could inject malware into your computer

    Food & Drink

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    Atlanta restaurant owned by 2 Chainz fails health inspection due in part to 'mold-like substance'

    Wendy's is spending $30 million to overhaul its chicken sandwiches

    McDonald's to offer all soft drinks for $1, all McCafe beverages for $2

    Iceland's president said he'd ban putting pineapple on pizza; Twitter responds

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    Business Leaders

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    Trump Seeks Jobs Advice From Some Firms That Offshore U.S. Work

    Need a Doctor? Just Ask Alexa

    Can Monster Energy Inject Youth Into NASCAR?

    Carl Icahn Takes Stake in Bristol-Myers Squibb


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    Planet Earth

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    Scientists plan to trap a ship in Arctic ice

    Digging History

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    Fossil of 'monster' worm with snapping jaws discovered

    Wild Nature

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    Runaway bull dies after making dash for freedom

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    Would 'Fixer Upper's' Chip and Joanna Gaines ever leave Waco?

    Jamie Chung to play Blink in Fox's 'X-Men' pilot

    Judge Judy selling old reruns for $200 million

    Kim Kardashian denies another sex tape is out there


    Continue to US

    Arrests made in North Dakota as final group of pipeline protesters leave camp

    Support pours in for damaged Jewish cemetery near St. Louis

    Tulsa's former Black Wall Street tries to remake itself

    Ohio court will hear debate on autopsies of 8 family members