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    Election 2016

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    Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Bush: What NH results mean to the still-alive five


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    Minnesota teen runner makes recovery after suffering cardiac arrest

    Pregnancy may help soothe PTSD symptoms in at-risk women

    India launches campaign for deworming millions of children

    Your brain may work differently in winter than summer

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    Trump and Sanders win: We are witnessing a full scale revolt, America

    What kind of America do Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders think we live in?

    Sanders, Trump and more. Fasten your seatbelt, America, this is gonna be one helluva ride

    Who won in New Hampshire? The ambitions of Michael Bloomberg


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    Will Smith on parenting Jaden and Willow: We may have gone too far

    Kanye West: Bill Cosby is innocent

    Music publisher doesn't own 'Happy Birthday,' has to pay back $14 million

    Matt Lauer asks Katie Holmes about his interview with Tom Cruise


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    Google wants to deliver stuff using self-driving trucks with storage lockers

    Presidential candidates, it's National Marriage Week, so let's talk about marriage

    Twitter rolls out its 'First View' promotional video service

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    Air & Space

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    Hundreds of hidden galaxies glimpsed behind Milky Way

    Digging History

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    Feline friends: Leopard cats likely domesticated in Ancient China

    Planet Earth

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    Pot is much stronger than it was in 1995

    Wild Nature

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    19th-century 'Perpetual Mouse Trap' lives up to its name

    Food & Drink

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    Red Lobster sales surge after Beyoncé mentions chain in song

    Dunkin’ Donuts stores accused of overcharging customers

    A Starbucks mega coffee center may be headed your way

    What exactly is king cake?

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    Former priest arrested in 1960 murder of Texas schoolteacher

    Hundreds of California homes, buildings used plans drafted by 2 phony engineers, say authorities

    'White guilt' video shown to high school students irks community

    Florida man arrested for throwing alligator through drive-thru window


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    Election 2016

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    Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Bush: What NH results mean to the still-alive five

    White House

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    Obama sends Congress record $4.1T budget plan


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    Pentagon confirms North Korea launched satellite into orbit

    Media Buzz

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    Trump pulls off huge win, but Kasich will be the media darling

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