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    Election 2016

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    Tim Kaine, Hillary's 'safe' choice, gets kid-glove treatment from the media

    Clinton says there is 'Hillary standard' for her on campaign trail

    Sanders backers plan convention protests, adding to chaotic kick-off


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    10 foods to avoid if you have anxiety

    The ab move that's way better than a sit-up

    9 signs of infertility in men and women

    Soccer champion Brandi Chastain delivers crucial assist in son’s fight against Crohn’s

    Republican National Convention

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    Laura Ingraham: I haven't seen the left this upset with a GOP speech since Ronald Reagan

    What has happened to the Democratic Party?

    Donald Trump and Ted Cruz's deadly (and unforgiveable) sin

    Dinesh D'Souza: The secret history of the Democratic Party

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    Pop diva Ariana Grande lost White House gig over doughnut-licking incident

    ‘The Big Bang Theory’ casts Penny's family for season 10

    Angie Harmon directs milestone ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ episode

    Ariel Winter reportedly dating actor Sterling Beaumon

    Regional News



    Democratic National Convention

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    Tech Q&A: 'Pokemon GO' tips, blocking telemarketers

    Border Patrol detains Canadian teens who crossed border playing 'Pokemon GO'

    5 ways to lock down your Facebook account for maximum security

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    At least 4 dead after Dallas Cowboys bus collides with van in Arizona

    Mom of Gilgo Beach victim Shannan Gilbert found dead, other daughter charged

    Missing therapy horse found dead in Missouri after search

    'Heat dome' hitting US, bringing surging temps


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    Election 2016

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    Tim Kaine, Hillary's 'safe' choice, gets kid-glove treatment from the media

    White House

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    Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS


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    Obama announces more U.S. troops will stay in Afghanistan than previously said

    Media Buzz

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    Trump turns serious, rolling the dice on a policy-packed speech

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