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    Election 2016

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    Koch brothers donor network to focus on Senate, not presidential race


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    Best snacks to eat late at night

    New study suggests brain glitch may cause OCD

    Ovarian cancer risk nearly doubles in women who douche

    Zika mosquito: thrives in hot water, hard to wipe out


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    Trump's REAL point about Russian hackers: We are nearly defenseless in the cyber sphere

    Newspaper rejects ad over the word "Christian"

    Newt Gingrich: Two conventions, two realities and a jarring contrast

    What I learned on the trail above Machu Picchu

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    Air & Space

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    Space radiation took a toll on Apollo astronauts, study says

    Digging History

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    Archaeologists discover ancient, unique kiln and workshop in Israel

    Planet Earth

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    New York enjoys rare phenomenon of a corpse flower in bloom

    Food & Drink

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    Dunkin’ Donuts employee accused of serving donuts sprayed with bleach

    Florida man arrested after officer mistakes Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for meth

    Guy Fieri fires up the high-seas with new barbecue joint

    Chipotle beefs up its business with new burger joint Tasty Made

    Regional News




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    Shannen Doherty on cancer battle: 'I don't look past today'

    'Pretty Little Liars' star Troian Bellisario calls out Taylor Swift for 'false feminism'

    Joe Biden to make appearance on 'Law & Order: SVU'

    Lindsey Vonn accidentally shows too much in daring dress


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    No survivors after hot air ballon with at least 16 on board crashes in Texas

    Skydiver successfully makes 25,000-foot jump without parachute

    Eric Shawn Reports: How Frank Sheeran killed Jimmy Hoffa

    3 Walmart employees charged with manslaughter in death of shoplifter

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    White House

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    Documents indicate IRS officials knew of Tea Party targeting since 2011


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    Sources: Dem campaign arm hack bears similarities to DNC breach

    Media Buzz

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    Hillary stresses unity against Trump, says she's the woman for the job


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    Faithful fill meadow ahead of pope's last Mass in Poland

    Pope Francis tells young people to 'leave a mark,' not 'take it easy'

    Puerto Rico towns to share services, cut costs amid crisis

    French Muslims refuse to bury terrorist who killed Catholic priest

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