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    Infestation of ants removed from girl's ear

    Pennsylvania 8-year-old honored by EMTs after saving mother's life

    Paralyzed college soccer star finds new sport

    Man's persistent hiccups were caused by large tumor

    Election 2016

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    Janet Yellen and 'negative interest rates': America, this is the last nail in a saver's...

    Does Bernie Sanders really want to win? Three Democratic debate takeaways

    To Debbie Wasserman Schultz, from one Floridian to another, you lost in NH, too

    Hillary vs Bernie: Democratic debate highlights big divide between two rivals


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    Taylor Swift bothered by ‘misogynistic’ Kanye West lyrics about having sex with her

    Backlash to Beyonce's Super Bowl performance continues to grow

    Liam Neeson was 'joking' about dating 'incredibly famous' woman

    Alyssa Milano thinks 'Charmed' reunion is 'going to happen'


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    Smuggled into North Korea, your old flash drives could help topple a dictatorship

    University of Rochester scientists create 'super polymer' that can lift 1,000 times its mass

    Fuel-cell maker claims smartphones with 7-day battery life just 2 years away

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    Neanderthal-human trysts may be linked to modern depression, heart disease

    Wild Nature

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    Rare baby albino turtle spotted on Australian beach


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    Abandoned Ferrari worth millions tied up in legal limbo

    10 future classics: 2016 Hagerty Hot List

    NASCAR creates 'overtime line' in new rules finish

    White House to pipe in on EPA race car emissions rules

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    At least 4 injured in machete attack at Ohio restaurant

    Virginia high school nixes 'white guilt' video after criticism

    Kidnapping trial focuses on whether teenage girl chose to leave home

    Paralyzed man awarded $23 million wants apology from Fla. deputy who shot him


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    White House

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    Official: Top Clinton aides also handled ‘top secret’ intel on server


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    Pentagon confirms North Korea launched satellite into orbit

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    Hillary's debate desire: DNC rolls over now that she wants more Bernie bashing

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