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    Democratic National Convention

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    UK health service under fire over access to hepatitis C drugs

    9/11 responder with rare illness uses billboards to seek help

    NYC dentist has sued 5 patients since 2012 over bad reviews

    Hippie parents want your money to fund their parenting

    Election 2016

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    Haywire over Hacking: Media refuse to believe Trump's Russia comments were sarcastic

    Despite unity push, Sanders supporters now urge Dem 'exit'

    Bernie Sanders leaves the Democratic Party


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    Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, do you pledge to help persecuted Christians if you win?

    Judge Napolitano: The heavy hand of government has silenced free speech this summer

    Erick Erickson: Wednesday night in Philadelphia (with Obama and Clinton) was ridiculous

    John Stossel: Bill and Hillary Clinton have a remarkable record of sleazy dealings. Why do...


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    Mayim Bialik reflects on Emmys snub

    Jeremy Piven reportedly denied from renting Hamptons mansion

    Dinesh D'souza's 'Hillary's America' is the top-grossing documentary of 2016

    The Royal family is 'very, very aware' of new Netflix series

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    Leak may have just confirmed the secret Apple had up its sleeve for the iPhone 7

    Google search connects Trump's book to Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

    Watch lightning hit the Empire State Building in spectacular video

    Food & Drink

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    Woman alleges she was 'sexually assaulted' by peeing toy in hibachi restaurant

    Taco Bell is reportedly stuffing Cheetos into its next burrito

    Australian restaurant unveils burger with shot of bourbon in the center

    Smithsonian Institution hiring first ever beer historian

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    Virginia police officer denied service at restaurant

    Man gets prison for poaching nearly 1,000 Venus Flytraps

    Day care worker charged with murdering infant said she felt 'like a loser'

    Seattle man threatens bouncer with spear, targets cops with 'Batarang,' police say


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    Election 2016

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    Haywire over Hacking: Media refuse to believe Trump's Russia comments were sarcastic

    White House

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    Homeland chief says biggest fear is lone wolf style terror attack


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    Obama announces more U.S. troops will stay in Afghanistan than previously said

    Media Buzz

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    Obama sells optimism, and Hillary, but can he stop Trumpism?

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