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    The Future of Tech

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    UAE considers building a mountain to boost rainfall

    Hyperloop CEO: 'We're trying to make travel suck less'

    Australia's $39 billion submarine deal heralds new era of super-subs

    You can recharge your iPhone with fire


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    Distraction is often a factor in teen drivers' rear-end collisions

    Common blood thinner may increase dementia risk in certain patients

    Friends rally around 29-year-old paraplegic whose van was stolen

    Basset hounds photographed staying by dying baby's side

    The Property Project

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    Pros and cons of three popular kitchen layouts

    Budget-friendly ways to add fun to your patio

    Home office can be a great tax deduction, if done right

    Bring the outdoors inside: Horticulture in the home

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    Gutfeld: How Trump hacked the conservative movement

    Poultry vs. Pinhead: New York City's mayor says boycott Chick-fil-A

    Donald Trump needs a running mate: Here are four names for him to consider

    Is Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton's secret weapon in the email scandal?

    Election 2016

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    Regional News




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    Military vets move from battlefield to zombie apocalypse in 'Range 15'

    Mila Kunis embarrassed by sex talk on 'Ellen'

    Justin Timberlake debuts catchy new song 'Can't Stop the Feeling'

    First Muslim Miss USA Rima Fakih converts to Christianity


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    Air & Space

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    SpaceX successfully lands rocket on ocean platform for second time

    Planet Earth

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    Meet Boaty McBoatface - the drone submarine

    Wild Nature

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    Cop saves baby kangaroo from eagle's clutches

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    Fox News Salutes

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    Taya Kyle: Military Spouse Appreciation Day: We don't do it for glory, we do it for love


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    Former officer freed from life sentence after rape accuser admits she lied

    Murdered Texas fitness instructor received "creepy" message days before her death

    School's father-daughter dance canceled after some complaints it wasn’t inclusive

    Misspellings and all, Texas 2nd grader's note gets her home early

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