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    The common oil that science now shows is worse than sugar

    A teen released balloons at father's grave, and they came home to her

    Which aphrodisiacs actually work?

    Fitness experts warn of the pitfalls of going to exercise extremes


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    Hackers exploit Flash in one of the largest malware attacks in recent history

    Bug bots! These insect-inspired robots can jump on water

    hitchBOT team overwhelmed by offers of support, bot could be rebuilt

    5 questions about Windows 10 everyone is asking


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    Zimbabwe: On the day Cecil died...

    City of Houston wants to bulldoze one Black church, condemn another

    Trump, Cruz, Carson and more: Your guide to scoring the Republican debate

    The dirty business of Obama’s so-called Clean Power Plan

    Election 2016

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    FBI investigating security of Hillary Clinton's private email server

    Fox News announces candidate line-up for prime-time debate


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    Kim Kardashian's selfie book 'Selfish' didn't sell

    Kelly Osbourne's comments on 'The View' offend

    Designer Arnold Scaasi dies at 85

    Tyra Banks: Stick a fork in 'America's Next Top Model,' it's done

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    Fugitive, who plays leading role in horror film, arrested in Olympia, Washington

    Former 41-pound fat cat in Texas slims down to 19 pounds, gets closer to 'Skinny' name

    White-bearded Florida man wins annual Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest in Key West

    Owl with an attitude wins face-off with Colorado deputy on patrol

    Fox News Salutes

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    22 unclaimed veterans laid to rest in Utah

    Marines killed in Tenn. shooting eligible for Purple Heart if gunman had terror ties, report says

    Navy officer, Marine reportedly returned fire at Chattanooga gunman

    70 years after WWII, Japanese company apologizes to US vets

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    Election 2016

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    FBI investigating security of Hillary Clinton's private email server

    White House

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    Emails appear to show coordination between EPA, environmental groups on power plant rules


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    'Stalemate': Size of ISIS forces unchanged despite year-long air campaign

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