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    Democratic National Convention

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    Flu vaccine may help keep diabetics out of the hospital

    Colombia declares end to Zika epidemic inside country

    Minorities may not get best care after a stroke

    Doctors urged to check pregnant women for Zika at each visit

    Election 2016

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    This week, Hillary must explain why she should be president. If she can't, she's sunk


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    The DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz insult Bernie and 12 million Americans

    Dinesh D'Souza: The secret history of the Democratic Party

    This week, Hillary must explain why she should be president. If she can't, she's sunk

    What has happened to the Democratic Party?


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    Air & Space

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    Solar Impulse 2 sets off for Abu Dhabi on the final leg of its epic global journey

    Digging History

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    Children's doodles found in margins of medieval manuscript

    Planet Earth

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    Animal rights group wants 'Larry,' a huge lobster, to be freed

    Wild Nature

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    Scientists capture rare sighting of wolverine in Sierra Nevada

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    Florida Georgia Line insist they're not anti-police after concert backlash

    Ozzy Osbourne calls split from Sharon 'a bump in the road'

    At least 30 arrested at Guns N' Roses concert in New Jersey

    Kristen Bell shares never-before-seen photos of wedding to Dax Shepard


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    Disneyland closing iconic 'Tower of Terror' ride, Internet meltdown ensues

    2 passengers rescued from cruise ship at sea after emergency

    The world's best mega-ship ocean cruise lines

    Luxurious tents you'll actually want to camp in

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    2 dead, 17 hurt in shooting at teen party in Florida nightclub

    People in line for Cronuts in NYC unfazed by nearby corpse

    Nearly 10,000 homes evacuated, 18 destroyed as ferocious California wildfire spreads

    Police hunt suspects after Texas sheriff's deputy shot, killed in his home


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    White House

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    Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS


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    Obama announces more U.S. troops will stay in Afghanistan than previously said

    Media Buzz

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    Tim Kaine, Hillary's 'safe' choice, gets kid-glove treatment from the media

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