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    Proud American

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    Surgeons perform first-ever procedure on triplets with rare skull condition

    Terror train hero Alek Skarlatos: 'I still think about it every day'

    Juan Williams: A new founding family for today’s America

    Trump proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day'

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    Who's your daddy? Non-invasive paternity tests

    Breast cancer detection bra designed by Mexican teen gets top inventors' prize

    As Zika season approaches, states step up efforts to combat virus

    Mom gives birth to 13-pound baby boy in natural delivery


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    Just fracking wrong: How much freedom is too much?

    Bible reading not allowed before class, professor tells student

    The North Korean threat is not theoretical, it is reality

    Juan Williams: Dems need a better strategy

    Travel + Outdoors

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    Gordon Ramsay to open first ever 'Hell's Kitchen' themed restaurant

    Southern cities removing Confederate flags to make tourists comfortable

    American Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Illinois airport

    John Waters hosting adults-only summer camp with cigars, burlesque dancing


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    'Unprecedented' orca hunting frenzy captured on film

    Israel Security Agency is looking for cyber ninjas

    After 'real detective work,' a theory on Goya's mysterious illness

    Chinese firm unveils giant 'Monkey King' gladiator robot

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    Food + Drink

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    McDonald's invents the 'frork,' a fry-fork hybrid utensil for fast food lovers

    Gordon Ramsay to open first ever 'Hell's Kitchen' themed restaurant

    Star chef opens donut shop with wacky flavors

    Is the world's first home distilling kit actually safe?


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    Michael Moore to take aim at Trump on Broadway this summer

    Lea Michele was 'gutted' after losing 'dream role' in 'West Side Story'

    Eminem kicks off legal battle against New Zealand's National Party over 'Lose Yourself' copyright

    Paige VanZant removes racy videos after backlash from UFC fighters

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    Business Leaders

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    Fox News Announces Executive Appointments

    Athenahealth CEO on Replacing ObamaCare: It Has to Be Possible Not to Participate

    Yahoo CEO Pay Exceeds $27 Million

    IBM CEO Rometty Says a Lower Tax Rate, Territorial Tax System Will Enable Growth


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    Digging History

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    After 'real detective work,' a theory on Goya's mysterious illness

    Air & Space

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    Alien planet with Earth's mass discovered ... but it's an 'iceball'

    Wild Nature

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    'Unprecedented' orca hunting frenzy captured on film