Tips for Healthy Living
From cleaning, to diet and exercise, we have 19 quick tips to a significantly healthier you!

Green Sponge

Wipe Away Germs

Want to really get your kitchen countertop clean? First, disinfect that germ-filled sponge by soaking it in water and bleach.


Red Grapes

Eat Away Allergies

The antioxidants and resveratrol in red grapes can fight against allergies and wheezing. Try snacking on some, and you may feel less discomfort.

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Treadmill Running

Healthier Running

Make sure you wear shoes that fit properly when running. Width, size and the amount of cushioning can prevent knee injuries.



Build More Muscle

Eating nuts can help build more muscle because they are full of fiber, protein and vitamin E, but avoid salty and sugary nuts.



Brown Is Better, Right?

Even if a bread is brown, or its name sounds healthy, check the ingredients before buying into the “brown facade.” If 100 percent whole-wheat flour is used, and it is listed first in the ingredients section, then your bread really is on the healthier side.


Olive Oil

Good Fat

Unsaturated fat can be good for you, so try including canola or olive oil in your diet. They help lower “bad” cholesterol levels!


Prescription Pills Reuters

Always Gotta Go?

Some medications can cause urinary incontinence. If you experience frequent, sudden urges to use the restroom, check with your doctor and see what your medications could be doing to you.



Having Trouble Sleeping? 

Give yourself about an hour to relax and clear your mind before getting into bed. 


Can't Fulfill Your Calcium Quota?

If you don’t feel like drinking a glass of milk, substitute your calcium intake by eating yogurt or cheese.


Turkey Sandwich

Spice Up Your Sandwich!

If you are bored with the typical bagged lunch, add healthy veggies like onions or tomatoes to your sandwich, or try whole wheat or pumpernickel bread.


Kellogg's Cereal Boxes at Supermarket 02

Kick Start With Carbohydrates

Feeling tired? Eating carbs like cereal or rice can help energize the body through its ability to raise serotonin levels.


Chewing gum iStock

Bye-Bye Bad Breath

In the fight for fresh breath, keep your mouth moist. Drink lots of water and chew sugarless gum.



Salt Substitution!

Since extra salt can lead to heart disease, try flavoring your foods with pepper or lemon juice. 


Cover Your Mouth

Get Going to Stop Sniffling

Exercising, like going for a run or swimming, increases hormones that boost your immune system.


Hair Loss

Halt Hair Loss 

Worried about losing your hair? Snack on raisins and strawberries. Eating iron stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth.


Eat Yogurt

Blackberries Battle Prostate Cancer

Men, are you looking for something extra to top off your yogurt or cereal? Blackberries are packed with vitamin K which helps fight prostate cancer. 


Tips for Healthy Living

From cleaning, to diet and exercise, we have 19 quick tips to a significantly healthier you!

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