Why Are We Afraid of KB?
Before working out with kettlebells, read this: 


Swings: 15 reps. Let the kettlebell fall between your legs and thrust your hips to swing the kettlebell out. Do not use you arms to raise the kettlebell

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Squat to Overhead Extension: 12 reps. Bring two kettlebells behind your head for a triceps extension position. Squat and, as you rise from the squat position, go into the full standing triceps extension in one smooth motion.

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Squat Passing the KB Over: 15 reps. In one a smooth motion, pass the kettlebell from one hand to another in front of you body and go immediately into an even squat with the kettlebell on one side of your body. As you rise from the squat, make a smooth handover to the other side.

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Deadlift to Bent Over Row: 10 reps. Using two kettlebells, sit back, leading with your hips, to a deadlift. Immediately stand straight and go right into an full, upright row, full extension (as pictured). Immediately descend into the next deadlift in a smooth, controlled manner.

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Plank to Row: 10 reps. Also called the Renegade Row, this is great for the core as well as the back muscles. Do this exercise in a very controlled manner, carefully securing the base of the kettlebell after lifting it. Get into a plank position, back and neck straight. Do a row with one arm, keeping the core tight, and return to the plank position. Do a row with the other arm. That’s one rep.

bicep curl to lateral flexion

Bicep Curl to Lateral Flexion: 12 reps. Stand straight with two kettlebells. Descend into a squat. As you rise up do a curl with one arm while holding the arm stable at your side. Do the curl with the alternate arm while bringing your other arm to your side. Return to the first position with both kettlebells are your sides. Repeat.


Unitateral Deadlift to Row: 10 reps. Start by standing straight with two kettlebells at your sides. Slowly and in control, bend forward with one leg on the ground, the other going back, with your arms relaxed. Hold your balance on the single leg position and do a double row, pulling both kettlebells upward. Let the kettlebells return to the bottom position and go back to the standing position with both feet on the ground. This one is tough!


Deep Front Squat to Shoulder Press: 15 reps. Place both kettlebells in a front squat, or “racked” position. Go into a squat, leading back with the hips, and as you rise up, go into a smooth double overhead press in one motion. Lower the weights to “racked” position and descend into another squat just as smoothly as you came up.

Why Are We Afraid of KB?

Before working out with kettlebells, read this: 

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