The Toning Workout
This routine works all the muscles. If this is the only routine that you will do in a week, do it three times leaving one day in between.

front squat to touch the ball

Front Squat to Touch the Ball: 

Dumbbells should rest on the shoulders. Don’t let the arms fall. Try to keep them parallel the floor. Sit back and slightly touch the Swiss Ball with your butt. Look for a ball that allows you to flex the hip to a 90 degree angle so check this accordingly to your height. If you have knee issues, the ball can be bigger to allow you less flexion of the knee.

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unilateral db row in plank

Unilateral DB row in Plank: 

Use your core to keep the body in a straight line. Don’t rotate the hips. Use your abs to stabilize your body with one hand as you perform the row. When you row, keep the arm close to your body and pull your elbow back without shrugging the shoulders or rotating the body. I recommend trying this exercise first by placing the ball against a wall to better stabilization until you can progress to do it without support.

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tricep extension to pull over

Triceps Extension to Pull Over: 

Your upper body should be on the ball, while the hips should be parallel to the floor. Keep the abdominals tight so the hips don’t sag. Flex your arms as low as you can while keeping the elbows in and arms close to your body and extend them without locking the elbow.

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arnold shoulder press

Arnold Shoulder Press: 

Start by holding the dumbbells in front of you with palms facing you. As your press the weight up, simultaneously rotate your palms out as you reach full extension.

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split lunges to bicep curl

Split Lunges to Bicep Curl: 

Put your rear leg in a way that allow you to flex the hips of the front leg as if you are sitting. This will allow you to fully engage the gluteus and to not allow the knee pass the toes. Go as low as you can. As you descend, do a bicep curl. This exercise requires strong abs to stabilize the ball. If you are a beginner, place the ball against a wall until you progress. Select a ball that is knee height.

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prone db raises

Prone DB Raises: 

Lie on the ball face down. Feet should be shoulder width apart for stabilization. Keep your face down to avoid any neck injury. Extend the arms until they are parallel to the floor and fully squeeze the shoulder blades.

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unilateral DB Raises

Unilateral DB Press: 

Keep your upper back against the ball and your hips tight. Don’t sag or rotate them. Alternate pressing each DB, making sure that your arm is parallel to the shoulder.

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side lunges with leg

Side Lunges with Leg on the Ball: 

The leg on the ball should be straight with the foot pointing up in front. Sit back on the other leg while keeping the back straight, chest up and the DB close to your body. Go as long as you can without allowing the knee passing the toe of your foot. Make sure that the ball is according to your height. Once more, it should be knee height or slightly less. This exercise requires strong core so if you’re a beginner place the ball against a wall until you can progress.

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The Toning Workout

This routine works all the muscles. If this is the only routine that you will do in a week, do it three times leaving one day in between.

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