The Family Challenge
One woman's effort to get her whole family in shape.

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Alexandra Younes, 42, of Davie, Fla. (green top)

The tough part: The biggest challenge has been being so structured about all my meals. Since everything has to be natural – and because we have to eat every few hours rather than three times a day – I have to plan ahead and cook my meals in advance. I have two children, so before I used to eat the first thing I saw. Exercising has been hard too – I keep meaning to work out three times a week but things come up, and I don’t go. But I know I do need to try harder.

The best part: I’m learning to live a healthier lifestyle, and I feel a lot better about myself.

Quote: “Our family Wednesday pizza night has been tough on me. I order meatballs and salad now, I’ve learned to readjust, but it’s still tough.”

Lost 5 pounds in five weeks. Wants to lose 8 more.

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Stella Menendez, 48, of Miami.

The tough part: The biggest challenge is drinking so much water. I never drank that much water before, and I can’t get used to drinking 64 ounces of it. But I’m at 40 to 50 ounces a day. I’ve been going to the gym three times a week and walking at least a mile three times a week. I cook all my meals for the day early in the morning since I can’t have cold cuts or fast food.

The best part: It took some getting used to – but I’m living a much healthier lifestyle now. And I love it.

Quote: "I'm also spending a lot of quality time with my husband, who's my workout partner. We go to the gym together and push each other to stick to our regimen.

Lost 8 pounds in five weeks. Wants to lose 20 more.

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Abel Menendez, 50, of Miami.

The tough part: Eating low sodium foods is a big part of the diet, so a lot of what we eat has no taste. And we have to eat used to eating the same type of food. With the new changes, we could mix it up a little, so that’s a little better.

The best part: I feel more energetic, and I love working out with my wife.

Quote: "As a family, we are all challenging each other to get in shape."

Lost 9 pounds, wants to lose 30 more.

Norma bike new

Norma Korpics, 45, of South Florida

She started the Family Challenging after noticing her family putting on weight through the years. She challenged them to eat better and exercise more.

The mother of twin 4-year-old girls weight trains five days a week and does cardio exercises six days a week.

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Check next week to see how others in the family are doing.

The Family Challenge

One woman's effort to get her whole family in shape.

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