Amazing moment going viral after Russian tourist gives birth in the Red Sea

Amazing pictures are emerging of a woman and her baby right after she delivered in the ocean by the resort town of Dahab, Egypt. The images capturing the apparently seamless birth in the Red Sea are going viral.

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The incredible photos were taken by Mohamed Elsaid from a balcony of a hotel he owns, Dar Dahab. His niece Hadia Hosny El Said posted her uncle's astounding pictures on her Facebook page.

Hotel owner Hadia Hosny El Said captured the moment a baby was carried from the water before the mother emerged from the water looking as if she had just been for a swim.  (Hadia Hosny El Said )

According to the Daily Mail, the mother is a Russian tourist who traveled to the resort town in order to give birth in the water.

The photo of an older man carrying the baby appeared to be a doctor who specialized in water births, the Mail reported, so the photographer thought the birth was most likely planned. 

Mohamed also noticed that before going into labor, the mother had gone for a swim, and was followed by her partner and doctor who helped deliver the baby.

Once back on shore, the new mother was reunited with her child in this photo taken from a nearby balcony.  (Courtesy: Hadia Hosny El Said)

Following the birth, the Daily Mail reported the placenta was placed into a bowl before the baby was carried from the water with the umbilical cord still attached.

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The photographer of this rare moment captured the father leaving the water carrying his newborn. Then he took pictures of the mother coming out of the water as she had just taken a swim, and greeting her other child on the beach. 

Followers on social media praised the 'beauty' and 'ease' of the water birth.