Baby born with incredible full head of hair

A 12-week-old baby girl was born with a thick mop of hair and is drawing joyful compliments wherever her proud mom takes her. 

Pixie Rose Masters was born on July 4 weighing 9 pounds, 11 ounces and sporting a lustrous mane. 

Mom Jennifer, 32, said she is yet to see a finer head of hair on any tiny tot. 


"When she was born all the nurses on the ward were crowding round to have a look and saying 'look at all that hair,'" Jennifer, whose last name was not revealed, said. 

"I definitely feel proud. My other two kids, Ryan and Kelsey, were both born with loads of hair but I think Pixie has outdone them both," she said. "People notice it and now I look at her and think 'she really does have a lot of hair.'"

"Everywhere we go people say 'I've never seen a baby with that much hair,'" Jennifer said. 

Jennifer, of Farnworth, Lancs, admits to having had a lot of hair herself as a baby and thinks Pixie could have the most impressive locks of any tot in the borough. 

"I think she probably does - it would have to be close thing," she said. "I've not seen any other baby with that amount of hair. Whenever there's an article about a baby with loads of hair my friends tag me in it." 

Jennifer said she and her husband Kurtis, 27, don't have any special washing or combing routine for Pixie's hair. 


"I just leave it natural - I don't like messing with it," Jennifer said. "I'm scared of it falling out. I don't like combing it or putting any clips in it. She doesn't need anything anyway - it sticks up on its own." 

Jennifer said Pixie was already aware her hair makes her the centre of attraction -despite only being born in July. 

"She definitely realizes. Everyone runs their fingers through it and I sit there playing with it all the time," Jennifer said. "It's not just on top - it's at the back as well and you can tell it's going to be really thick." 

Pixie was born with a rare condition called microtia - which only one in about 7,000 babies are born with. 

It means she has a "peanut-shaped" right ear which she has no hearing in. 

But Jennifer said it would not stop her from styling Pixie's hair as she gets a little bit older. 

"A lot of people say because she has got a lot of hair I can cover it up but that's not my intention - I'll be putting her hair up all the time," she said. "She has been born with this special condition and I wouldn't change her for the world - that's just how she is."