Mail carrier battling cancer delivers hope to fellow patient on her route

A mail carrier who has been fighting breast cancer for the last seven years delivered a surprise at one of the houses along her route after hearing that a resident was dealt a similar diagnosis.

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“My battle started seven years ago and I was just diagnosed with retinal cancer in January, which metastasized from my breast cancer,” Michele Slack, a 13-year letter carrier in Minneapolis, told Fox 9. “Odds are, it’ll be back again at another point. There aren’t too many people that haven’t been impacted in some level by cancer.”


Slack stopped by Laura Stegenga’s house after discovering that the mother-of-two was diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized. Stegenga said her diagnosis came after her chiropractor discovered lesions on her spine. She was told that she would likely be dealing with some form of cancer throughout her life, Fox 9 reported.

“She said she just felt hopeless,” Slack told Fox 9. “It just sort of ate at me, because hope and positive thinking in my belief has a lot to do with healing and overcoming a serious illness.”

While Stegenga was at chemo and her children were at school, Slack set to planting a “Hearts of Hope” garden in her front yard. It included a chalk message of hope on her driveway, and 101 heart-shaped balloons, Fox 9 reported.

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“It was a surprise for everyone,” Slack said.

The two are now on a campaign to raises awareness for other women, and to show how powerful support from others can be.

“I know how much it means to have the visual aspect of the support that this many people are there for you and are willing to help in any way,” Slack told Fox 9. “You try to be strong for everyone and inside you’re battling with your own emotions. I wish more people would do it for people that are going through difficult times.”