A road-tripper's guide to romance


Who takes a car to a first date in New York City?

Julien did. He picked me up at the door of my apartment building in his gently used sedan and whisked me off to a restaurant on the banks of the Hudson River in Hastings, NY, electronic music thumping from the speakers.

I should have known — or at least guessed — that his love of the open interstates, of adventure, speed and novelty, presaged more outings to come. Indeed, ever since that September 2014 night, ridiculous road trips at home and abroad continue to define, test and strengthen our relationship.

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There was the first overnight excursion to Fishkill, a mere 69 miles from the city. Think apple- and pumpkin-picking, Dia:Beacon’s contemporary art and the Hilton Garden Inn.

From humble beginnings, distances skyrocketed. Only Julien would fly 11 hours from New York to Alaska for a three-day weekend. Twice. (And convince me to do it, too.)

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