Have dry EVERYTHING? Here's how to solve all your winter beauty woes


Winter is known for its magic — glistening icicles, a blanket of magical snow, and the like — but unfortunately, such a wonderland comes at a price. While winter makes Mother Nature beautiful, the same can't always be said when it comes to your winter wedding beauty routine. The dryness that comes with the cold can wreak havoc on skin and hair — the last thing a bride wants to deal with. Luckily, these tips from the pros will help you solve your winter beauty problems and keep you looking fresh on the big day.

Chapped lips
A lack of moisture in the air can dry out your lips, leading to a cracked and chapped feeling. Instead of repairing them from the top, treatment is best addressed below the surface with ointment-based emollients. But if you don't have time to treat your lips in advance, fear not.

"If you find yourself with ultra dry lips the day before you say 'I do', follow these last minute tips to smooth out your smooch," says Linsey Synder Wachalter, founder of Face Time Beauty. " You don't need fancy potions to get your pout ready for the big day. Use your toothbrush with a little coconut oil (found at any grocery store) and gently brush lips in a circular motion. This motion will slough off unwanted dead skin while giving it a dose of super-hydration. That night after your shower or washing your face, slather on coconut oil again and sleep tight. When you wake up on your wedding day, your lips will be completely kissable. An added bonus is that exfoliated and hydrated lips hold lip color so your lips will be makeup ready."

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Dull and brittle hair
Hair and makeup specialist Eva Scrivo points out that colder weather can make a bride's hair feel a bit dryer and more lackluster than normal. The combination of indoor heating and straight hairstyles, which are more common in the winter, can also make hair look dull. To combat this, she recommends getting a glaze to boost the shine and help your hair reflect light, as well regularly trimming the ends of the hair dry leading up to the wedding.

"Since hair can stretch up to thirty percent of its length when wet, cutting the hair only when it's dry helps to ensure there won't be any surprises. If you're growing your hair out, make sure to share your vision with your stylist and ask for a dusting of no more than half an inch," she says, adding that dusting is so popular, all her stylists have been trained in it and the technique has been added to their service menu.

How you take care of your hair at home on a day-to-day basis also makes a difference. Scrivo recommends using natural oils as overnight treatments that can be washed out the next morning.

"Add a few drops of argon, neem, or coconut oil directly to the hair. Focusing on the mid shaft to the ends, give your hair a good brushing with a boars hairbrush and let nature do it's work while you sleep," she says. "A solid shampoo and light conditioner the next morning will do wonders for your hair with out relying on silicone based styling products that make your hair feel slippery, not hydrated. It also helps to prevent split ends and add shine."

And, not all is lost. According to Scrivo, since frizz isn't as big of an issue in colder weather, the hairstyle should last longer.

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Dry skin and dark spots
Perhaps winter's worst enemy is the skin. Little moisture in the air affects the skin as it does the lips, leaving it dry and chapped. If your skin feels like sandpaper, make sure you actually treat it as opposed to just masking it. Dr. Howard Sobel, dermatologist of Park Avenue Skin & Spa, recommends using a moisturizing mask a few days prior to the big day as well as avoiding hot showers. And whatever you do, don't make this common mistake: "Overusing moisturizers," says Dr. Sobel. "You should apply moisturizer on slightly damp skin."

And with winter also comes the fading of a summer tan, which can leave behind dark spots. While there are serums, essences, and other products out there designed to reduce dark spots, if you're serious about making them disappear before you tie the knot, your best bet may be a trip to the dermatologist's office. "You can have a series of peels, or the most effective [treatment] would be a laser called the Fraxel," says Dr. Sobel. "It would not only remove the pigmentation, but give the skin a healthy glow."