Ordering things on Amazon offers a convenience for many families, but the service provides the Bickneses, of Tuscon, much more— namely, a chance to stay home with 8-year-old Ben Bicknese, whose immune system is weakened due to cancer treatment.

For his birthday, Ben recently got the chance to see how his Amazon packages get to him after the company gave him a tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Phoenix, Fox 10 reported.

"I've always wondered what the facility looks like," Ben, who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, told the news station. Fox 10 did not report the type of cancer Ben is suffering from.

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During the tour, Amazon allowed Ben to see how the packages go from being ordered to processed, packaged and shipped. He also got to pick out some gifts and package them himself. His mother, Cecilia Bicknese, described the experience as “amazing.”

“We’re so thankful for Amazon for letting him come and do this," she told Fox 10. "It's just really a blessing."