There’s a trend in the beauty world called the “no-poo” method. For a while now, Celebrities have been touting this routine, in which you ditch your regular shampoo routine to maintain your hair’s natural oils. But is it right for you?

We got this email from a viewer:

Dear Dr. Manny,

I’ve read that my hair will be healthier if I stop shampooing it every day. Is this true? And what about using dry shampoo?



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Remember, the scalp has different oils than the rest of the body. It can tend to build up and allow for overgrowth of bacteria and yeast. When that bacteria grows, it can cause dandruff, itchy scalp, flaking scalp and even hair loss.

Dermatologists say you shouldn’t stretch your shampoos more than two to three days, but this can vary depending on your hair type. The most important thing to remember about shampooing is that it removes dead skin cells and excess oil, which prevents dandruff.

As far as dry shampoos go, they aren’t substitute for the real thing. For more, we checked in with an expert:

“Those do absorb some of the oil, but they also sit on the scalp and allow the oil to stay there, and again the yeast and the bacteria to overgrow, so use those sparingly,” said Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

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