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Florida boy with partial skull defies another odd to turn 2

jaxon 2nd bday fb

 (Jaxon Strong Facebook)

Jaxon Buell, the Florida boy born with a rare, incurable defect wherein his head and brain are partially formed, defied another odd recently when he turned 2 years old.

The toddler’s mom and dad, who regularly provide updates on the Facebook page Jaxon Strong, have said doctors originally predicted their son wouldn’t live longer than two months, Fox 29 reported. Doctors also said Jaxon would never talk, hear or hold himself up. But he’s doing all of that and more.

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In December, Jaxon met Santa, marking another childhood milestone celebrated. The Buells updated supporters on Facebook in February and noted Jaxon began sucking on a pacifier—another unexpected milestone.

Brandon Buell, Jaxon’s father, told in December that his family had been waiting for public interest “to kind of disappear and Jaxon be a ‘flavor of the week— but [the media attention] is not going away. “It is surreal, it’s humbling, overwhelming and odd to be about our family and our son, but he certainly deserves it.”