Video of assisted living residents dancing 'Nae Nae' goes viral

Friends Mary Thompson and Eleanor Fredriksen

Friends Mary Thompson and Eleanor Fredriksen  (Somerby of Peachtree City/Fox5)

A video of two elderly Georgia women dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me” song, with the popular “Whip” and “Nae Nae” dance moves has gone viral, gaining over 142, 000 views on Facebook since being posted on Monday.

Assisted living home Somerby, of Peachtree City, Georgia, posted the video of residents Mary Thompson, 80, and Eleanor Fredriksen, 83, joyfully dancing to the popular song.

"I don’t believe I can out dance the younger generation, it just feels like a natural thing when I hear music,” Thompson told Fox5.

 "I just like to be happy and I was having a good time with my friend Mary,” Frederiksen told the news channel.

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The women grew up in the same region— Thompson in Staten Island and Fredriksen in New Jersey— and have the same religious beliefs and family background, which is why they hit it off as friends, Thompson said.

“We have a sister-like bond,” Frederiksen said.