A Pennsylvania high school senior battling leukemia was able to take a break from treatment to escort his date, Miss New Jersey Lindsey Giannini, to the homecoming dance. Fox 10 TV reported that Marcus Josey, a student at Northeastern High School in Manchester, originally didn’t have a date, so he reached out to Gianninni, whom he took a liking to during the Miss America Pageant. Moved by his bravery, she accepted.

“I feel great right now,” Josey, a football and basketball player at Northeastern High School, told Fox43.com. “I haven’t got treatment for about two weeks, so I feel pretty normal right now.”

The community rallied around Josey and his date, with the Shiloh American Legion Riders and Warrior Brotherhood escorting the teen’s limo to the dance. The limo, flowers, photography and a room for Giannini to stay in after the dance were all donated, Fox43.com reported.

“These days we’re just losing so many of these people with these diseases, so we just need to reach out and make awareness of this any time it involves a young person, it just touches all of us,” Larry Julius, a Shiloh American Legion Rider, told the news station.

Both Gianni and Josey were thankful for the outpouring support they received.

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“Just going through what I go through is hard, so when the community rallies together in support of me it means a lot to me,” he said.

“It shows that York is one of those communities that if the rest of the nation was like York, the would would be a much better place,” Giannini said.