A 62-year-old woman suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has completed her autobiography with the help of a machine fitted with retinal receptors that interpret her blinking.

Gong Xunhui, of Chengdu, China, was diagnosed with ALS in 2003, and has needed the aid of a wheelchair since 2006, Central European News Agency (CEN) reported. With the help of her husband, Xunhui completed her 150,000-word book by blinking more than one million times to spell out phonetic sounds to form Chinese characters.

“I want to use my personal experience to tell other ALS patients that, although we suffer from this incurable disease, there is still much we can do to enrich our lives,” Xunhui said, according to CEN.

Xunhui’s book focuses on her childhood and the struggles she has faced since receiving her ALS diagnosis.

Xunhui and her husband published nearly 5,000 copies of the book, and their local government published 1,800, CEN reported. She said that her goal is to use proceeds to purchase six breathing machines for fellow ALS sufferers in China.