Woman donates her kidney to stranger to save his life

A retired Brooklyn teacher is getting a lifesaving new kidney on Thursday from a total stranger who just wanted to do something good for someone.

Jerry Fox, a 68-year-old father of three diagnosed with kidney disease nearly four years ago, will get the organ from Margery Lipenski, 58, at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

“I feel that, at this point in my life, I want to do something to help somebody else. It’s just what I want to do,” Lipenski told The Post. “If I can enhance someone else’s life by doing this, then that’s what it’s going to be.”

Lipenski reached out to a Brooklyn-based kidney matchmaker, Chaya Lipschutz, in April telling her she wanted to help someone.

Lipschutz said she usually has to find donors by mining through social media, Craigslist and through the network she’s built up over the years.

“People don’t usually call me,” she said.

Lipenski was a perfect match for Fox — partly because of her O negative blood, which makes her a universal donor — and the surgery was set up about three weeks ago.

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