Benefits of a workout now go beyond staying fit, healthy

If you need a little extra motivation to get moving the Charity Miles app may be the perfect fit for you. For every mile you walk, run or bike a donation is made to your favorite charity


Running out of motivation, and need a little extra push to help you stay fit?

There’s now a free app that lets charities of your choice benefit from every mile you walk, run, or bike.

Charity Miles lets users choose their charity, and then begin their workout. The app measures the user’s distance, and donates 25 cents for every mile you walk or run.

For each mile you bike, charities will earn 10 cents.

Participating charities include Feeding America, Pencils of Promise, Habitat for Humanity, and Stand Up to Cancer. All donations from the app are courtesy of its corporate sponsors.

Once the workout is over, Charity Miles asks users to spread the word, and sends each participant a note confirming their donation.

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