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Michigan children start lemonade stand for mother battling stage 4 cancer

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A Michigan family plagued by a skin cancer diagnosis and financial turmoil has one glimmer of hope: their two children, who have started a lemonade stand to raise money for their parents. Thirty-seven-year-old Amy Proffitt, of Detroit, is in hospice care after receiving her second skin cancer diagnosis— now, stage 4— since 2008, Fox 2 Detroit reported. The former University of Michigan nurse described herself as “lucky” to have her two kids, 10-year-old Chloe and 8-year-old Noah.

“Losing her as the mother of my children isn’t bad enough,” her husband, Archie, told the news station. “It’s everything else.”

According to, Archie has quit his job to care for his wife and children, and now their family house is in foreclosure and their car has been repossessed.

To help their parents, Chloe and Noah are selling lemonade in their neighborhood for 25 cents a cup “to help with the bills and stuff,” Noah said.

“They are just very strong kids,” Amy told “I don’t know sometimes where they get that.”

Archie said, “They would do anything to help their mommy.”

Although there is no fundraising website for the family, provided the Proffitt’s phone number and home address, where Chloe and Noah have their lemonade stand set up, with all proceeds going to Mom and Dad.

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