The viewers of a local news station helped a 12-year-old Atlanta boy who has been hospitalized more than 20 times meet his favorite superhero Wednesday.

Jonah Henneberg, known to viewers as “The Costume Kid,” was born with bilary atresia, a disease in infants that affects the liver, and underwent a liver transplant at just 6 years old, reported. To each appointment, Henneberg donned a different superhero costume to help ease his fears.

In May, his mother, Kerrie Zurovsky, sought the help of to get the attention of actor Chris Evans, who happens to be playing Henneberg’s favorite superhero, “Captain America,” in an upcoming film that is shooting in Atlanta.

Henneberg had showed up at the movie’s filming location, trying to get the attention of a producer, to no avail. viewers and staff began using the hashtag #HelpJonahATL on Twitter, and finally the call came.

Henneberg toured the set with Evans, turning to his mother at some point with his hands on his head and yelling that his mind was blown, the news channel reported. After the meeting, the star took to Twitter to express his gratitude to fans for helping make the visit possible.

“Wow, I have some wonderfully supportive fans,” Evans wrote. “Thanks for the love. It means to world to me.”